Marta Blanco del Río

I started my professional career with a degree in Mass Communication Sciences from the Complutense University, with over 20 years of experience in the business world. Practicing Hatha Yoga was a gift that came into my life in the year 2000; leading my way to become a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan at the Avagar Cente(Madrid 2004).


In 2006 I walked the path into a Shamanic Journey of self-discovery in Mexico; however, it was on 2009 that it became came clear to me—it was time to start the journey of deep relation of my true identity. I was then granted with the gift of moving to live in the East in order to receive the teachings from spiritual teachers.

There receiving certificates in:

Hatha Yoga, Integrative and Restorative Yoga according to the teachings of Iyengar Yoga, Kids Yoga Teacher and in the Tantric Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism Tradition (the path of love) in the Himalayas.

Ayurvedic Consultant Life Style and in Ayurveda Beauty Therapy in Kerala.

In Sri Lanka and Australia I explored Vipassana Meditation Retreats, Sahaja Yoga; and Kundalini Yoga Workshops and Courses.


In 2011, I was giving the opportunity to open the doors of my own space “Mirissa Yoga Shala” in Sri Lanka teaching kundalini yoga to yogis from around the world. Since then my path is leading me to teach classes, workshops and retreats in Australia, Sri Lanka, Bali and in Spain.

Finally, from 2017 to 2020, I become certificated in Beyond Addiction Program,The Yogic Path to Recovery-Specialization designed for individuals seeking to develop healthy habits and overcome addictive behaviour; As well in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) use for personal development, phobias, and anxiety as well perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions. 

And in the beautiful technique of Therapeutic Tarot Coach, a way of using the cards to tap into your subconscious mind to discover insights and creative solutions for your actualy life´s situations.

Every step I have taken on my path to becoming a Holistic Coach has been a step of true inner awakening. Through all the challenges and magic of my life, each new tool of universal wisdom has offered me a greater understanding and command over myself and has magnified my love and lust for life.

It is this that has propelled me to help others in their own quest for inner balance, vibrant health and grace in their life. I am forever humbled by the teachers who have passed on the knowledge to me, so that I may support others to become more light and feel more alive.

With Love,



Marta’s retreats are exceptional!

Robin Callander

August 5, 2017

Queensland. Australia

I am extremely grateful to have had Marta as my Kundalini yoga teacher in her classes, workshops and retreats. 

From my first class with Marta 4 years ago I was amazed at how transformational this form of yoga is and what a beautiful, loving soul she is. 

I always felt really good after her classes, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  My heart felt open and clear and my whole being uplifted. 

Since those first classes, I have attended as many of Marta’s workshops and retreats as possible in Sri Lanka, Australia and Bali.  Each experience has been unique, inspiring and rejuvenating.  The combinations of asanas, breathing, meditation, mantra, music and relaxation in Marta’s classes and her on-going support have helped me to release subconscious stress and emotional blocks and heal my nervous system.  The effects of kundalini yoga on my life have been profoundly positive. 

Marta’s yoga retreats helped me to transform many areas in my life, deepened my connection with my inner self, and given me the energy, knowledge and techniques to continue improving my well-being and spiritual growth.

Marta’s retreats are exceptional because she has a very creative, inspiring and personal approach to teaching Kundalini yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra.   Marta puts so much love and care into her retreats and always creates a beautiful, warm, safe atmosphere, so that all the participants feel very supported and connected.  I have seen total beginners and experienced yogis all enjoying the love, joy, renewal and many other benefits of Marta’s retreats.  She also provides participants with an appreciation of the spirituality of the local culture in each of the retreats, such as temple visits in Sri Lanka, puja and full moon ceremonies in a Balinese Ashram, a sacred cacao mandala workshop, and visits to holy places.

I highly recommend Marta’s Lunar Woman Retreat for every woman who seeks a deeper understanding and connection with her true feminine nature. This retreat gave me knowledge and practical techniques for self-care, self-awareness, creativity and harmonizing relationships.  

I wish I had learned this valuable knowledge years ago as many of the mysteries of womanhood now make more sense to me.  I am sure that many more women will benefit from this fantastic program that Marta offers. 

Thank you so much Marta, for your passion and commitment to helping people in their path of connecting with their inner selves.  You have and you are a true gift to the world!  Sat Nam.

“Beautiful terrace with Kundalini Yoga clases with Marta Blanco”

Růžena Prokešová

February 2, 2015

Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic.


There is a beautiful terrace at Palm Villa where you can join yoga classes. From the first time I joined Marta's class I've loved her Kundalini Yoga and her way of teaching. I came to Mirissa last year for the first time and practiced yoga with Marta every possible day.

This year I came back to Mirissa only because of Marta and joined her classes for 2 weeks.

I had a wonderful time,

thank you!


A great yoga experience!!!

Francesca Rinaldi

May 16, 2015

Tuscany. Italy


I stayed in Mirissa last year for three weeks and was planning on taking a few yoga classes while I was there. I saw Marta's sign on the beach and went to her class the next morning. When I walked up the stairs to the private terrace overlooking the sea with a roof of wood and palm leaf I had such a wonderful surprise as it was decorated with sari covered cushions and flowers with a beautiful alter and even more beautiful smile from Marta.

I had never tried Kundalini Yoga before but I loved the combination of exercise with the relaxation and meditation and especially the way Marta explains the connection between yoga, spirituality and the difficulties of Modern life that after chanting the mantra to the beautiful music at the end I felt so uplifted both physically and spiritually, such a release from all the stress and pressure built up inside me that I didn't even realize was there! After this experience I went every morning to Marta's classes which were different every day and saw others have a similar experience to mine, she is an amazing yoga teacher! I now practice Kundalini yoga every day and I am happy to hear Marta has completed another teacher training in Hatha yoga to add a new dimension to her teachings. One year has passed but it's still alive in me the feeling that I felt during her lessons, moving my body breathing the fresh and energetic air from the sea around the beautiful contest of Mirissa and the area around Palm Villa. My perspective of life has changed a lot after meeting Yoga and Marta as she went through the same changes. She has inspired me to do a YTTC; to look for and learn more about this new awareness that yoga gives. Every day when I finish my yoga practice in my home my thought go to Marta, to Palm Villa and Mirissa.

Marta can help you to regenerate your body and find a new path or simply help you to discover a new prospective of life, as you can see I cannot speak more highly of her.

Love to all.


The most amazing teacher and beautiful experience!

Lucy Buxton

June 6, 2015

Melbourne. Australia


I was lucky enough to cross paths with Marta for the first time at the enchanting Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka, where I was passing through during a travelling adventure. I felt the need to do some yoga, and saw Marta's class advertised on a poster. I had never done kundalini yoga before, and was interested to find out more about it.

I realised how special the class was immediately; Marta puts so much of her love and soul into all aspects of the class, and I will never forget her presence and the magic that I experienced in the atmosphere of the class. Marta creates a unique and beautiful ambience that really helped me to absorb the best out of the postures and breathing techniques. It was definitely a highlight of my time away. She is a gentle and supportive teacher with the most beautiful presence. Kundalini is so powerful, and such a great way of cleansing the body and becoming more balanced. I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards and have been connecting with Marta on Facebook ever since. She always remembered me, which was so special, and I had the chance to reconnect with her properly nearly three years later in Cairns, for another kundalini class which focused on cleansing the kidneys. I couldn't believe the effect that class had on me afterwards, it detoxified my body and allowed me to let go of a lot of emotional baggage. I couldn't believe the power that kundalini can have in healing the body, and the ripple effect that it started throughout my life. Thank you Marta for bringing so much light into my life and travels, and I wish you the absolute best for spreading the magic of kundalini across the world :) Sat Nam!



Chantal Goyheix

July 8, 2015

Saint-Jean-de-Luz. France.


For Christmas 2013 we (my partner and our two children) booked the first 3 days of our trip to Sri Lanka in Mirissa at the Hotel Palm Villa. When I was booking the hotel I realized they had classes of Kundalini yoga (I have done kundalini from the last 6 years) which were also given by a Spanish teacher (I am French but my second homeland is Spain). That's great I thought.

I went to two classes and they were magical for me; Marta is the perfect teacher for you to discover yoga with and particularly Kundalini..... She gives you the inspiration and the energy to change and improve your path in life.
In two classes we became friends ... These gifts of life cannot be explained ... But I can say with all my heart we became friends, friends and sisters. And we kept in touch from there.

All the family loved Mirissa, the hotel and for me Marta´s classes so much, that this year, in February, we returned, but this time for two whole weeks.

Every morning from 8 am to 9:30 I went to yoga class. I loved seeing the faces of all the students when they arrived and then to see them at the end, totally relaxed with beautiful smiles. I loved the loving looks and smiles of Marta during each class. She puts so much heart into these classes, you cannot leave without something special happening inside you.

Personally, those 15 days of yoga every morning opened me up, taking me to a total harmonization of my being, harmonizing my feminine / masculine ... I will not go into the details, but what is clear is these classes gave me a new impetus to change, move in my life.

In summary, Marta is a wonderful person, unique, with a huge heart and a perfect yoga teacher.

My family and I are returning again later this year for more of Mirissa, Palm Villa and especially for me, Marta´s Yoga.



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